A large fire is burning in the Resta area, near the east of the Greek island of Chios in the northern Aegean Sea. Firefighting forces were immediately dispatched to the area to contain the fire.

Ground and aerial forces are taking part in the efforts to extinguish the flames, including 42 firefighters with 12 vehicles, 2 teams of foot patrol units, 5 aircraft, and 1 helicopter. The mobilized forces are trying to contain the spread of the flames which are reportedly heading toward the village of Karyes located to south of the city of Chios. Volunteers and municipal water carriers are also assisting in the operation.

Currently strong winds blowing in the area are hindering the work of the firefighters battling with the blaze. Greek authorities sent out the special 112 alert text message prompting locals to follow instructions if necessary.

Meanwhile, earlier on Friday a 25-year-old suspect, who was arrested near the hilltop forest of Seih Sou, located to the north and northeast of the city of Thessaloniki, where a fire broke out this morning was taken to the Thessaloniki Courthouse on Friday morning.

The man, of Greek origin, is accused of intentional forest arson, a felony, and will soon appear before the prosecutor. According to reports, the suspect claimed he was tied him up, stripped, and set him on fire by unknown individuals. Police are investigating if he was under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances.