Two major cold fronts are expected to affect much of mainland Greece and the islands over the coming days, with heavy rainfall forecast for the Ionian and Aegean Islands, including the Dodecanese chain in the latter sea’s southeast.

Meteorologists on Tuesday referred to a “temporary, but serious” weather deterioration throughout much of the Balkan peninsula, characterized by a deep low-pressure front accompanied by gale-force winds, torrential rains and snowfall in the mountainous regions.

Severe weather is also forecast for the coming weekend, beginning in northern and western Greece and then extending throughout the mainland. Inclement weather conditions should affect most of the east Mediterranean country on Wednesday.

A weather advisory was issued for Greece by the National Meteorological Service on Tuesday, with authorities also advising caution for travelers during the coming weekend.

The last major weather front to pass through the country, in early last September, generated record-breaking rainfall and subsequent once-in-a-century flooding in central Greece, mainly in the Thessaly province.