A mini heatwave, forecast to hit Greece tomorrow, Saturday, combined with mild levels of African dust to affect the country from Monday, are expected to cause uneasy conditions.

According to meteorologist Klearchos Marousakis, who spoke to local OPEN TV station, the unpleasant phenomena will last until next Wednesday, forecasting temperatures close to 35-36°C, and locally even 37°C. “It will be quite hot, several degrees above the seasonal average,” Marousakis stated.

From Monday to Wednesday, there will be a moderate presence of African dust, mainly affecting western, central, and southern Greece. “The concentrations will not be alarming,” he assured.

The first heatwave will start to recede starting Thursday. According to the meteorologist, the weather for the European elections will feature more typical seasonal temperatures and instability in central and northern mainland Greece, particularly in the afternoons.

According to the forecast, the regions expected to experience the highest temperatures are:
– Thessaly
– Interior of Central Macedonia
– Viotia
– Wider Athens region, particularly the basin area
– Peloponnese, mainly Argolis
– Corinthia and Laconia, where temperatures could reach up to 37°C
– Eastern and southeastern Aegean, with temperatures exceeding 34-35°C