A dip in last spring-time temperatures and some rain is expected in parts of Greece on Sunday.

In Thrace and the northeastern Aegean, few clouds will appear, while the rest of the country will experience unsettled weather with occasional local showers and thunderstorms.

These phenomena will occur from early morning in the Ionian Sea, Epirus, central Greece, and the Peloponnese; from late morning in the Cyclades and Crete; and from noon in the Dodecanese.

Most areas will see these conditions cease by evening. Winds will blow from the north at 3 to 5 Beaufort, reaching 6 and locally 7 Beaufort in the Aegean.

Temperatures will slightly drop, reaching 23C the northwestern mainland and 24C to 28C in the rest of the country.

In Attica prefecture, the greater Athens-Piraeus area, periods of increased cloudiness are expected until midday, with the possibility of local showers in the morning. Temperatures will range from 18C to 26C.

In Thessaloniki, the weather will be partly cloudy with periods of increased cloudiness. Local showers or thunderstorms may occur around midday, with temperatures ranging from 15C to 25C.