The famous Zakynthos shipwreck ‘Panagiotis’ has been severely damaged by rough seas and has effectively split in half, according to local television station Ionian TV. Local authorities on the Ionian Island are making urgent calls to the central government requesting assistance to save the remainder.

The news report, which can be seen below in Greek, shows the shipwreck as it was in June 2023 at the 10th second, followed by a more recent picture of it at the 11th-15th second.

The report also includes statements by the current deputy governor regarding salvage efforts and to attract the attention of the central government to stress the urgency of the situation.

One of the first people to photograph the damage was the president of the local boating cooperative, which offers transportation to/from the remote location of the shipwreck on the west coast of the island, known as Shipwreck Beach. The shipwreck is of utmost importance to the local economy of Zakynthos and is visited each year by thousands of tourists, who predominantly visit it by boat.

The Panagiotis is one of the most photographed shipwrecks in the world and is considered an iconic “must see” for tourists visiting Zakynthos.