Greek meteorologists caution that ‘Alexis’ will bring icy cold weather, extreme winds, thunderstorms and even snowfall to parts of Greece tomorrow. The storm, originating from Italy is expected to hit the country on Saturday morning, and be a stark contrast to today’s relatively sunny highs of 22 degrees in Athens.

In more detail, heavy thunderstorms are expected in western Greece, the north and eastern Aegean, and Dodecanese islands. Winds will come in from the southwest and gradually from the northwest, reaching up to 10 Beaufort, and will pass over sea and land.  They are expected most in southern Evia, southern Attica, Thessaloniki, the Corinthian Gulf, and the southern Greece region of the Peloponnese.

From Sunday snowfall is expected in the northern mountains of the country, particularly in towns at a high altitude such as Florina, Kastoria, Kozani and Ptolemaida. Temperatures are seen dropping a dramatic 12-14 degrees, with daily lows falling below zero in the north of the country.

Even though heavy rainfall and strong winds are expected to subside on Sunday afternoon, low temperatures will persist until mid-next week.