Despite balmy weather in most of Greece the day after Christmas on Tuesday, albeit with a spattering of rain in the Ionian Islands and Crete, several mountainous villages in the country’s northern and central mainland actually reported sub-zero temperatures, with the lowest being in the Karpenisi prefecture village of Voutyro, at -4.6C.

According to the National Observatory of Athens, besides the specific central Greece village, other low temperatures were recorded in the northern Greece village of Ochiro (Drama prefecture), -4.3C; the small city of Grevena, also in northern Greece, with -3.9C, and the Vovousa site in northwest Ioannina prefecture, -3.3C.

According to Mega channel’s forecast for Wednesday, the spring-like weather will continue in much of the country, with only sporadic rain for some Aegean islands and Crete expected.