Meteorologist Klearchos Marousakis predicts a shift in weather following a rainy weekend.

Specifically, the meteorologist noted that temperatures would rise starting from today, Monday,11 December with this trend anticipated to continue in the coming days. The weather is expected to resemble April more, due to an air mass coming from the northern African coasts, heading towards the east.

The warm air mass is expected to affect the country, resulting in higher temperatures for the season: 18-20 degrees Celsius in northern Greece, 20-22 in the west, and 22-24 in the east and south.
Following this, a significant drop in temperature is projected from the next weekend (16-17/12), although it is not expected to bring severe cold.

Regarding the weather for Christmas, it is estimated to be mild, with temperatures above average. However, there might be some showers and storms.
It’s worth noting that weather after New Year’s is anticipated to become more winter-like, accompanied by a simultaneous drop in temperature.

Forecast for Tuesday includes rain and storms in certain areas.
Few clouds intermittently increased locally. Temporary local showers are expected until noon in Macedonia, Thrace, the islands of the eastern Aegean, Crete, and the Dodecanese. Isolated storms might occur in coastal areas. Temporary snowfall is expected in the northern mountainous regions during the morning hours. Visibility will be limited in some areas during morning and evening hours.
Temperatures will rise to 15 degrees Celsius in the northern continental areas, to 18-19 in the rest of the continental areas and to 20 degrees in the island region.

On Wednesday there will be scattered clouds, occasionally denser in some areas. Possibility of weak local rains starting from midday in the western continental areas. Visibility will be limited in some areas during morning and evening hours.
Winds will blow from southern directions at 3 to 5, gradually reaching 6 on the Beaufort scale in the seas. There will be a slight further rise in temperature, maintaining levels high for the season.