“Can ‘love’ be conceptualized as an autoimmune disease?” This thought-provoking question takes center stage in Panos Kougias’ directorial exploration of August Strindberg’s iconic play, “Miss Julie,” premiering at Fournos Theater on Feb. 1.

Written in 1888, Strindberg’s Miss Julie aligns with the Naturalism movement. Against the backdrop of Sweden on Midsummer’s Eve, the characters’ instincts come to life and intensify. While the main characters remain silent on stage, they intricately probe the boundaries of solitude and love, unfolding amidst the unique ambiance of the summer solstice celebration.

Kougias, an honors graduate from the National Theatre’s first Directing Department, offers his distinctive directorial perspective, transcending Strindberg’s masterpiece through a series of performances every Thursday and Friday at 9 PM.

The performance is accessible to non-Greek speaking audiences as it unfolds from within a code of silence.

“In silence you can’t hide anything … as you can in words” August Strindberg.

Details about the play:

Location: Fournos Theater, 168 Mavromichali str., Athens 114 72

Director: Panos Kougias

Costume & Set Design: Assi Dimitropoulou

Lighting Design: Stevi Koutsothanasi

Masks: Elena Gavela

Communication & Press: Giota Dimitriadi

Cast: Menelaos Kyparissis, Daphne Skroumpleou, Matina Stamou, h_theia_Soula

Tickets: https://www.more.com/theater/despoinis-tzoulia-1/