It comes as no surprise that throughout history, humans have harbored a deep fascination for figures of the past who left an indelible mark on the pages of history.

Our intrigue extends beyond merely learning about their deeds through historical texts; we are most captivated by unraveling what motivated them, delving into their thoughts, and envisioning their physical appearance.

While numerous artifacts from antiquity, such as statues and images, provide glimpses of legendary figures like Alexander the Great or Cleopatra, these representations likely offer idealized versions of these iconic individuals.

Moreover, with the aid of 3D modeling software, the recreation of historical figures has become an impressive possibility. A graphic artist from Cyprus, Panagiotis Konstantinou, stands out in this realm, gaining traction on social media for his notable work.

Based in Larnaca, Cyprus, Panagiotis initially launched his YouTube channel as a hobby, gradually realizing that the great men and women from ancient times were not so different from people strolling the streets of Athens or Rome today. Through his remarkable work, Panagiotis has, in a sense, demystified these historical figures, making them more relatable to the average modern person. They have become one of us…

Despite overwhelmingly positive comments since the inception of his channel, Panagiotis acknowledges receiving some negative feedback from extremists on both ends of the political spectrum. Expressing his interest in future projects, he mentions a desire to delve into research on Byzantine emperors, aiming to create facial reconstructions with inspiration drawn from contemporary historians and the distinctive features of people from their respective regions.