Located in the heart of Athens’ old quarter district of Plaka, the vintage-style Cine Paris will screen several well-known Greek-language films of the 1950, with its first tribute entitled ‘Greek Classics’. The first screening at the newly renovated summer movie theater comes today, Monday, June 10.

Aiming to reintroduce some of the iconic 1950s-era films to cinephiles, Cine Paris will screen ‘Greek Classics’ films every Monday, and running until July 15. Each Monday, the venue will present a selected movie from the decade that essentially witnessed the birth of Greek-language feature films – all with English subtitles. Double screenings are scheduled, with the first screening starting at 9 pm followed by another at 11 pm.

Set against the backdrop of Greece’s post-war era, the nation’s reconstruction was a central theme across transcending all aspects of daily life. This decade marked the emergence of feature-length Greek-language movies for mass appeal. Some of the films earned international kudos and awards at major film festivals, such as the Cannes. Hollywood also shot a number of movies on location in Athens and Piraeus.

The 1950s served as the forerunner to the “golden age” of Greek cinema in the 1960s.

The Tribute’s Program

Monday 10/06

The Ogre of Athens (O Drakos) – Nikos Koundouros (1956, 103’)

An insignificant bank employee is preparing to spend the New Year’s holiday alone, when he is horrified to realize his resemblance to a villain the newspapers call “The Dragon”. Because of this misunderstanding, he is targeted by the police and takes refuge in a cabaret.

Monday 17/06

Windfall in Athens – Michael Cacoyannis (1954, 91’)

Two kids steal the clothes and along with the lottery ticket of a young saleswoman during her Sunday bath. The lottery ticket will be bought by a poor musician. When the lottery ticket is drawn, the saleswoman will remember its number and stubbornly claim it from the musician. Eventually they will split the amount and join their lives together.

Monday 24/06

Stella -Michael Cacoyannis  (1955, 90’)

Stella is a singer at the Paradisos club, run by Maria and has an affair with Alekos, the son of a wealthy family. Once again, she will be the one to put an end to their affair before the decay comes. Alekos will be killed in an accident. Stella will initially avoid the close siege of Olympiacos footballer Miltos. Later she will succumb to his charms. But she will set her own conditions in order to continue their relationship.

Cine Paris

Monday 01/07

A Matter of Dignity- Michael Cacoyannis

Chloe’s father is one step away from bankruptcy but her mother believes they should continue to keep in touch with their wealthy friends with the help of borrowed money. That way they can find a husband for their daughter. Chloe keeps in touch with a rich middle-aged acquaintance of theirs, Dritsas, but one night she will meet the wealthy Galanis.

Monday 08/07

Never on Sunday – Jules Dassin (1960, 91’)

An American fascinated by ancient civilization arrives in Greece, confident that he will find the everlasting truth. On his wanderings he meets Ilia, a prostitute who has the dignity of choosing her own clients. He falls passionately in love with her and, as another Pygmalion, tries to mould her. But Ilia has other plans. She abandons the classical education lessons the American offers her, abandoning him too, to give herself up to the love of a Greek-Italian dockworker.

Monday 15/07

The Magic City – Nikos Koundouros (1954, 80’)

Kosmas, a young man living in the slums, constantly tries to make ends meet, hoping for a better day. Because of debts, he gets tangled up in smuggling. His morals are tested and he tries to find a way out.

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