The city of Corinth is set to embark on a journey toward preserving its historical legacy by introducing a digital museum. This initiative comes after the signing of a contract aimed at creating a digital museum that will offer an interactive presentation of the city’s history and pivotal events occurring during the period of the Revolution, specifically focusing on the year 1821. Spearheaded by the municipality of Corinth as part of the “Antonis Tritsis” Program, this project has allocated a budget of €238,080.

The digital museum will be structured around three core axes:
A. Corinth, the First Capital
B. On the Frontline of the Struggle
C. The Library of the Revolution

The first phase of this endeavor includes content production, documentation, scientific research for reproduction, Greek text editing, translation, cataloging, and architectural designs of public buildings, such as Kâmil Bey, Acrocorinth structures, among others.

Following this phase, the subsequent two sub-projects are slated for auction:
2. Cartographic Application – Representations
This stage will involve the creation of animations utilizing multimedia materials from the era, including characters, visual materials like sketches and engravings, historical reenactment videos featuring actors, panoramic 180°X360° photographs, original music, digital storytelling, and maps (2D, 3D) depicting battle landscapes.

The promotion of this digital museum will be carried out via social networks and nationwide media channels. Furthermore, the content generated will be presented comprehensively during a seminar or conference.

The introduction of this digital museum signifies a pivotal step in Corinth’s efforts to conserve and disseminate its rich historical narrative, inviting visitors to engage with the past through innovative and immersive experiences.