Mega Channel’s “Famagusta” series continues to lead ratings on Sunday evenings in Greece, with the latest (fifth) episode of the highly acclaimed drama again achieving a first-place showing during the specific time slot.

“Famagusta”, taken from the name of the occupied port city on the east end of Cyprus, is set during the Turkish invasion of the east Mediterranean island nation in the summer of 1974.

According to the ratings, the series has been watched by as many as two million television viewers in the country, reaching 38.3% of specific categories of the viewing public, in fact.

The portrayal of Archbishop Makarios III, the president of Cyprus during the Turkish invasion, by veteran Greek actor Grigoris Valtinos has also earned kudos from critics and on social media.

The 24-episode series commenced with scenes from August 1974 in Famagusta (known as Ammochostos in Greek) during the second phase of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, known as operation Attila II.