The Hellenic American Union (HAU) in Athens inaugurated an art and historical exhibition early this month focusing on Neapolis, the Athenian neighborhood on the western slopes of imposing Lycabettus Hill in the heart of the Greek capital.

Artwork by Pascal Sébah (1823-1886), “Panoramic view of Athens from the foothills of Mount Lycabettus,1874)

Entitled “Neapolis: A Cradle of Carefree Living & Youth, 1855-1965”, the exhibition details the development of a thoroughly urban neighborhood – in the modern European sense – in the decades after the sleepy Ottoman village that glorious ancient Athens had become was selected to serve as capital of the newly-created modern Greek state after the 1821-1829 War of Independence.

Artwork by Rouli Boua

On the hill of Strefi with a little lamb and the houses of Neapolis in the background, circa 1910. Lavda family archive.

The HAU itself has been based in the district in question since the early 1960s. The exhibition will continue until May 25.