“Famagusta”, Mega Channel’s long-awaited drama that is set during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, will premiere on Sunday, Jan. 21.

The 24-episode commences with scenes from August 1974 in Famagusta (Ammochostos) during the second phase of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, known as operation Attila II.

The first episode shows Christina, a young woman running through the streets of Famagusta with her baby boy as fighter planes bomb the town. After an explosion knocks her unconscious, Christina subsequently comes to without her child.

Fifty years later she and her husband Andreas have a loving family. They have raised three other children but their firstborn’s unknown fate weighs heavy. The trauma never faded.

Then Michael, a 50-year-old man raised by a Greek-Cypriot family in London, arrives on Cyprus to film a documentary about the barbaric invasion based on the eye-witness accounts of Cypriots who survived the attacks and occupation.

The stage is set for Michael to come face to face with the truth and Christina’s painful story.

The lead roles are played by Giannis Bezos as Andreas, Koralia Karanti as Christina and Christos Loulis as Michael. Grigoris Valtinos plays Archbishop Makarios III.