Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Saturday morning attended the doxology service for the great feast of the Epiphany (Theophany), a major religious commemoration in the predominately Eastern Orthodox nation. The Greek premier was present for the service at the port city of Chania (Hania), on the large island of Crete, where he retains a resident.

In statements to attending reporters afterwards, he noted that “as we are at the dawn of 2024, we have the right to look to the future with more optimism, with more self-confidence.”

Mitsotakis acknowledged the difficulties faced by Greek people in the coming period, saying that “we will continue to fight for a better everyday life for all Greek citizens.”

Along those lines, he referred to continuing economic growth, and the accompanying creation of more well-paying jobs, an improved national healthcare system for all citizens and more security in neighborhoods.

Later in the day he is scheduled to receive visiting US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who will stay for several hours in Chania after his meetings in neighboring Turkey. Greek FM Giorgos Gerapetritis will also attend the meeting with Blinken, along with several other top foreign ministry officials.

As per Greek Orthodox tradition, the feast day is commemorated in a splendorous manner with the Sanctification of the Waters ceremony, held along the sea, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and fountains.