Inflation, rising costs due to high energy charges, and a desire to “exploit” the high volume of tourists on the part of the competent authorities are some of the reasons entrance fees for museums and archeological sites are climbing worldwide.

In Greece, the Ministry of Culture is planning to increase the entrance fee for all its archeological sites and museums from this year.

The Acropolis museum entrance fee will rise to 30 euros year round, from 20 euros in the summer season and 10 euros from Nov to March.

According to statistics, the country’s 164 archeological sites and 188 museums welcomed 15.2 million visitors in 2022.

Of those, 85.9% visited during the summer season, generating an estimated revenue of up to 119.9 million euros. The outlook for the coming year looks even more promising.

With climate change making Greece, and especially Athens, a more attractive winter destination, the authorities are planning to abolish the reduced winter ticket price that has been in force till now.

A free entrance scheme will apply on one extra Sunday between Nov to March. Currently, entrance to all museums and archeological sites is free on the first Sunday of each month.

At other UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like the Louvre museum in Paris and the Colosseum in Rome, tickets costs 22 euros and 16 euros respectively.