The number of new registered businesses in Greece was the highest ever since relevant data started being compiled, according to the General Commercial Register (G.E.MI.).

An additional encouraging sign of the positive sentiment in the market is that the rate of new business startups outpaced closures for 2023, as per the weekly bulletin released by the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The numbers revealed that the Maritime and shipbuilding sectors stood out prominently, as 38 new businesses were established at the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (Helmepa).

According to the data from the General Commercial Registry (GEMI), in 2023, 57,272 new businesses were established, while 20,268 closed, indicating that last year’s startups were 14.7% more than the corresponding figure in 2022, and closures were 6.3% fewer.

Thus, the balance of business startups and closures improved by 30.9% in 2023. Overall, an additional 37,004 new business entities were added last year.

Private companies and one-person ventures were the most popular startups, while limited companies (Ltd) garnered the least interest.
The best performance in terms of geographical regions, about startup-closure ratio, was achieved by the Southern Aegean with +235%, followed by Western Greece (+107.3%), the Ionian Islands (+75.4%), Epirus (+37.3%), and the Southern Aegean region (+34.4%). On the other hand, Western Macedonia had the worst performance.