BSH Household Appliances Greece says that while the overall sales of household appliances fell 20% in the first quarter of 2024, dryer sales were up 40% year on year, largely due to the impact of climate change and African dust, according to reports at

Specifically, household appliance sales slowed compared to last year because the government subsidy program, called “Recycle-Change Appliance” is no longer running. The program encouraged consumers to upgrade their household devices to newer, more energy efficient technologies.

As a result, refrigerator sales fell as far as 50% compared to Q1 of 2023. However, Yiannis Gratsonis, managing director of BSH Home Appliances, explained that even without subsidies, households are investing in dryers, which are one of the more expensive household appliances.

 Gratsonis said yesterday at a press event that the changes in climate conditions, such as humidity in Northern Greece and persistent African dust in the southern parts of Greece are driving up dryer sales. 

The second fastest growing category for the company is the dishwasher market, which posted an 18% increase in sales. This is followed by the clothing care category with an increase of 16%, while appliances related to cooking, ovens, hobs, hoods, etc. saw a growth of 11%.