In February, Greece’s statistical authority’s (ELSTAT) latest figures on turnover in the retail sector reveal a notable decline in both turnover and sales volume. This downturn signals potential economic challenges ahead, as households grapple with the pressure of soaring prices.

In Feb. 2024, ELSTAT data revealed a 3.8% drop in the General Business Cycle Index of retail trade compared to Feb. of the previous year, while showing a 3.7% increase from Jan. 2024.

The General Volume Index witnessed a notable downturn in Feb. of 2024, plummeting by 9.8% compared to Feb. 2023. However, it rebounded impressively with a 3.9% surge from Jan. 2024.

Moreover, the seasonally adjusted General Business Cycle Index for Feb. 2024 showed a 0.7% increase over Jan. 2024.

Additionally, the seasonally adjusted General Volume Index for Feb. 2024 experienced a 3.8% decrease compared to the previous month of the same year.