In November 2023, the general industrial producer price index (PPI) (including both domestic and external markets) experienced a notable decline of 8.9% compared to the corresponding index in November 2022, according to ELSTAT (Hellenic Statistical Authority).

This stands in stark contrast to the substantial increase of 26.2% observed in the comparison of indices between 2022 and 2021.

According to ELSTAT (Hellenic Statistical Authority), this reduction in the production cost of domestic industries can be attributed to the following changes in the sub-indices of specific markets:

a. A 9% decrease in the domestic market producer price index (with the food industry index increasing by 2.5%).

b. An 8.6% decrease in the external market producer price index (with the food industry index rising by 17.6%).

Simultaneously, the general index showed a 0.8% decrease in November 2023 compared to the October 2023 index, in contrast to a 5.8% decrease observed in the corresponding comparison of indices in 2022.

The industrial producer price index (PPI) measures price changes from the point of view of the producers/manufacturers of a product (it is thus an output price).