Greeks and most European citizens are pessimistic about the future, according to a European Parliament Eurobarometer report, conducted six months ahead of European parliamentary elections.

According to the report, socio-economic problems continue to preoccupy many Europeans, with 73pct of EU citizens saying that they believe their standard of living will decrease in the coming year, against 87pct of Greeks.

Moreover, 70pct of Greeks say their standard of living is already worse than the last report, against the European average of 47pct. Connected to this, however, approximately one third of both European citizens and Greeks note that they struggle to pay their bills.

In a special Eurobarometer report on Greece, Greek citizens say the European Parliament should prioritize its defense of democratic values, solidarity among EU member states, the rule of law and the protection of human rights in the EU and worldwide.  And they believe that the Parliament should put its weight behind tackling the fight against poverty and social exclusion, supporting the economy and creating jobs, and public health.