Around 150 private isles and islets are available for sale in Greece at present. These islets are located in both the Ionian and Aegean Seas, and the price for acquiring one can be even more affordable than purchasing a luxury apartment on the Athenian Riviera.

Agios Athanasios

Agios Athanasios, a private island near Itea in the Gulf Corinth, in south-central Greece, is currently listed for sale at 2.2 million euros, yet it remains unsold. With a size of more than one square hectare, it’s the smallest island on the Greek market, accessible by boat from the nearby coastal town of Itea, merely a kilometer and a half away. There are olive and pine trees on the islet and it features a small sandy beach along its northwestern coast.

Fidonisi or Dry Island

Both Greek and international real estate agents are advertising the sale of a private island within the municipal jurisdiction of Eleftheres in Kavala, in northern Greece. Known as Fidonisi (snake isle) or Dry Island, it’s size is about 143,000 square meters. It’s listed for 3.5 million euros in local listings. It is situated just one kilometer from the coast and 8.5 kilometers from the port of Kavala.

Aghios Panteleimon

Aghios Panteleimon (St. Panteleimon) is a private island near Oinousses chain, off the eastern Aegean island of Chios (Hios) with a nearly four-million-euro asking price. Covering about 3.6 hectares, addition building of up to 200 square meters is possible. The islet hosts three small chapels, each with its own distinct history. It’s equipped with an electric generator to power the chapels and there’s also a well providing fresh water.

A private island near Preveza

A private island in the Ionian Sea, covering 17,530 square meters, is on the market for 3.75 million euros. Situated off Preveza Prefecture, northwest Greece, it’s  located just one mile from the mainland. A relevant ad states that there’s a building permit for constructing two separate houses, each with a 140 square meter co-efficient, as well as a swimming pool.

Kouneli or Makropoula Island

Adjacent to the also-for-sale Makri Island is Kouneli or Makropoula Island. It’s an uninhabited 9.5-hectare rock islet in the Echinades chain in the Ionian, under the administrative jurisdiction of the island municipality of Ithaca. It’s listed for sale at four million euros.