International news outlets and publications are shining a spotlight on Naxos and the four islands comprising the Small Cyclades (Lesser Cyclades) in the Aegean, positioning them at the forefront of recommendations for vacations in Greece, offering thematic travel experiences.

Donousa has clinched the coveted top position in the annual prestigious list unveiled by the popular travel platform, spotlighting Greece’s hidden gems. The esteemed roster also features the two Koufonisia islets in the top trio.

Simultaneously, Naxos has secured its place among the elite islands for 2024, according to National Geographic. The publication praises Naxos’ rich historical tapestry showcased through its white marbles, ancient temples, and monumental Kouros statues.

Echoing this sentiment, The Times recently spotlighted Naxos in a detailed feature, celebrating the largest island in the Cyclades. The article commends Naxos for its blend of ancient heritage, pristine beaches, quaint villages, and distinctive culinary scene.

In a parallel narrative, Heraklia, south of Naxos, has garnered international acclaim, courtesy of a feature on the popular German website The island has been hailed as the premier destination among the seven Greek havens for serene getaways amidst picturesque natural landscapes.

“There is optimism regarding the dynamics of our destinations in anticipation of the Greek Easter and the upcoming tourist season,” noted Vangelis Katsaras, the Deputy Mayor of Tourism for the Municipality of Naxos and the Small Cyclades.