Greece exported 100.7 million US dollars worth of olive oil to the U.S. in 2023, representing 4.7% of total US imports, up from 3.3% in 2022.

Historically, almost 75% of olive oil imports to the US come from three countries: Italy (32.8%), Spain (31.9%), and Tunisia (10.1%).

In 2023, Greece covered approximately 4.7% of U.S olive oil imports (up from 3.3% in 2022), holding the 5th position in the market, just below Turkey which holds the 4th position with a share of approximately 9.7% (up from 4.0% in 2022).

The table below presents detailed data (value and percentages) of the most significant olive oil importing countries (HS 1509) to the US, based on reports from USA Trade Online and processed by the New York Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs.