After an inspection by the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC), Minister of Development Kostas Skrekas imposed a fine of €2 million on the company “Dixons South – East Europe Anonymous Commercial and Industrial Company of Electrical, Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Insurance Intermediaries.”

According to an announcement, the fine is related to a violation of Article 15, concerning misleading discounts. Specifically, it was found that the information provided on the company’s online store for certain products sold under a price reduction announcement did not include the selling price before and after the application of the discount.

Minister of Development Kostas Skrekas stated, “We said it, and we are doing it. The checks of the Ministry of Development and the imposition of fines will continue with the sole criterion of law enforcement. The market is not the property of anyone; it has laws and rules of operation for everyone. We control the market and protect the consumer. We will not allow lawlessness. Violators will be punished.”
The Hellenic Competition Commission has also “slapped” fines totaling €105,772.66 on businesses selling telecommunications and teleconferencing devices.