Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis sent a clear message that his government remained committed to reforms during a teleconference discussion with JPMorgan Chase’s Chairman and CEO, Jamie Dimon, as part of an investment roadshow for Greece in New York.

Mitsotakis added that he would move ahead with the more challenging reforms in 2024, while he outlined the progress of the Greek economy and the government’s priorities.

Commenting on the allusion by Dimon to an Economist cover about the Greek economy, the Prime Minister reflected on the progress Greece had made. “Especially from 2019 onwards, I believe what we have achieved on behalf of the Greek people is significant.”

The PM said “It is obviously much easier now”, adding that there was much greater interest from foreign investors in all sectors to invest in Greece.

Mitsoatkis underlined that his government focused on “policies” not “politics” conveying the message that political dialogue in the public sphere in Greece was not beholden to partisan ideology but rather to finding practical and effective solutions.

Regarding the government’s efforts to continue reforms and the goals set for his second term, Mitsotakis was cautious about the risk of complacency. “Everyone leading a large organization or, in my case, playing a leadership role in a country knows that complacency can be destructive. Nothing could be more dangerous for us than to say, ‘Okay, we secured a second term, we still have a significant lead in the polls, and we’ve regained our investment-grade rating, so we can slow down.’ I do exactly the opposite: I push through all the difficult reforms now.

The PM said he was aware of the hard work that still lay ahead, especially in competitiveness, and improving the business environment in the country. “We place particular emphasis on judicial reform. The time it takes for a case to be tried in Greece is not acceptable. In the digital sector, for example, we introduced as the central point of contact with the state, and now it is the second most popular Greek brand.”