Greek citizens submit over 30 reports a day against various forms of financial violations including tax evasion, smuggling, and corruption, according to the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR).

In the first two months of operation of the new complaints platform by IAPR, over 2,000 reports were filed related to tax and customs violations and corruption, the majority of which were filed under anonymity.

In particular, from October 30, 2023, when the platform was launched, until the end of December, citizens submitted 2,075 reports, 394 of which were eponymous and 1,681 anonymous. Of these reports, 1,807 were linked to tax violations, 72 to customs violations, and 196 to cases of corruption.

Currently, there is no financial reward for taxpayers reporting tax evasion and corruption through the special IAPR application. Individuals who provide solid evidence through the Appodixi application on their mobile phones can receive rewards of up to €3,000.

There are considerations for extending the incentive to those reporting cases of tax evasion, smuggling, and infringement of transparency rules through the new digital platform of IAPR.

Among other things, the Appodixi app allows users to scan the receipts they receive from businesses and check if they match the data that the businesses have sent to the myDATA platform. The myDATA platform is a digital system that collects and verifies the accounting data of all transactions that take place in Greece.

The app is available for download on Google Play and the Apple Store, and it has been updated with new features and improvements. Users can now choose from more categories and reasons for reporting, such as fake receipts, wrong amounts, wrong VAT rates, or wrong business details.