“With faith in your abilities, with hard work and with a compass of the timeless values of Hellenism and its traditions and customs, you have succeeded not only in adapting to your new homes but in excelling and distinguishing yourselves in the arts and letters, the sciences, in sports, in business, and all creative activity.”

After killing his father the teen reportedly told his mother about the incident who in turn informed the police. According to information, the minor was allegedly constantly fighting with the victim, however, the exact reasons behind the stabbing have yet to be determined.

According to the NGO, this is the first time in the 31 years of its operation, that the brown bear has gone into hibernation so early. The Nymfeo sanctuary that is the home of the brown bear stopped receiving visitors on Sunday, Dec 17 due to its early hibernation and will remain closed until March 2024.

The percentage of organizations looking for specialized talent has increased in recent years, from 0.36% in 2014 to 0.77% in 2023. Japan seems to be the country facing the biggest challenge in filling its vacancies with (85%), followed by Germany, Greece and Israel (all at 82%), Ireland, Portugal and India (at 81%) and the United Kingdom, France, Canada (80%).