Greece’s President Katerina Sakellaropoulou in a message to the Greek diaspora ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays, spoke about unity and solidarity of Hellenism being the strongest asset of its people.

“With faith in your abilities, with hard work and with a compass of the timeless values of Hellenism and its traditions and customs, you have succeeded not only in adapting to your new homes but in excelling and distinguishing yourselves in the arts and letters, the sciences, in sports, in business, and all creative activity.”

She underlined that they managed, under adverse circumstances to keep alive their national consciousness and their love for Greece not just as a country of origin but as a point of reference of their identity.

“The challenges and crises follow one another,” she said.

“The pandemic, the increase in migration and refugee flows, climate change and the disasters it causes, geopolitical rivalries, war conflicts and the resulting social and economic upheavals are testing the endurance of states and citizens and shaking the universal values of humanity and solidarity,” Sakellaropoulou said.

Greece, however, she added “remains a pillar of stability and security, and wants to build relations of friendship and cooperation with the countries of the broader region, and at the same time to resolve peacefully any problems, without though “any retreat in defending its sovereign rights”, she underlined.

The prestige and international position of our country is inextricably linked and strengthened by the kind and lasting cooperation of Greek communities all over the world”, she concluded.