Speaking about the inauguration of the restored palace of Philip II, Mitsotakis called it “one of the most significant cultural monuments of our homeland” and noted, “It is a move that has not only cultural but also national significance as it reaffirms the timeless Hellenic heritage of Macedonia through the centuries and transforms your region into a cultural hub, I dare say, of global proportions.”

Comparatively, according to Eurostat measurements, inflation in the prior months in Greece was as follows: 2.9% in November, 3.8% in October, and 2.4% in September. Meanwhile, in the eurozone, inflation moderated to 2.4% in November from 2.9% in October.

The Mediterranean, and the Eastern Mediterranean in particular, has once again demonstrated its ability to surprise us—usually in a bad way, since it is currently in the throes of growing chaos.

The Epiphany commemorates the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist in the River Jordan and is celebrated throughout Greece through some lively traditions. The Greek word ‘Theofania’ means ‘vision of God’ and in the Greek Orthodox church marks the revelation of Christ as the Messiah and second person of the Trinity.

Politician, scientist, mom and… grandmother. The latter while Ursula von der Leyen was actually at the helm of the European Commission; in fact, she acquired no fewer than three grandchildren during her term as the institution’s first woman President.