Referring to the restored palace of Aigai in Macedonia, northern Greece, PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Friday emphasized “Its cultural and national significance, confirmed the timeless Hellenic heritage of Macedonia throughout the centuries,” during his official visit to the Meliki site in Imathia prefecture.
“For the first time, we can look into the future with greater optimism,” Mitsotakis said, during his remarks at the site.

Featuring a monumental propylaeum reminiscent of a sanctuary, impressive two-story colonnades, a grand colonnade surrounding spaces for gatherings, a tholos identified as sacred to Patron Heracles, a library/archive, and a smaller western colonnade serving auxiliary purposes (e.g., wrestling arena), the “basileion” of Aigai housed all structures necessary for the exercise of multi-layered public authority.

The project extended to the entirety of the monument’s area (15,000 sq. m.) and its surrounding space, totaling approximately 25,000 sq. m.

“As we usher in 2024, I believe that, after several challenging years, for the first time, we can view the future with more optimism, more light, more sunshine, just like today’s sunny day. In a Greece that will thrive, leveraging its comparative advantages. With an agricultural sector, despite acknowledged difficulties, well aware that it enjoys the support of this government in both good and tough times,” Mitsotakis told local residents.

Mitsotakis pledged his government would continue to confront the daily problems faced by the citizens.” We never hid them under the rug, but we proved that with hard work, methodical planning, and efficiency, all problems can eventually be solved.”

Speaking about the inauguration of the restored palace of Philip II, Mitsotakis called it “one of the most significant cultural monuments of our homeland” and noted, “It is a move that has not only cultural but also national significance as it reaffirms the timeless Hellenic heritage of Macedonia through the centuries and transforms your region into a cultural hub, I dare say, of global proportions.”

“My love for Macedonia is steadfast and timeless,” he concluded, as he walked through the center of Meliki, exchanging wishes with residents.

The PM also noted that farmers were compensated with one billion euros, with the state contributing 500 million euros. Mitsotakis credited the healthy economy for the ability to contribute additional funds, stating, “This is something we could not do if the economy was not doing well.”