The chatbot mAigov was developed using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and cloud computing technologies and aims to simplify and expedite citizens’ daily interactions with the state through the platform.

Top destinations include Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Germany in general, Spain, and London. Distant destinations such as Cuba, Brazil, and New York rank high on travelers’ preference lists. Greek travelers do not only seek traditional Christmas and winter destinations but also offbeat ones.

In September, prices reached historic highs, surging by 117% annually according to the International Monetary Fund. The value of olive oil became 17 times higher than that of an equivalent weight of crude oil. In 2019, it was seven times cheaper.

Emphasizing the critical importance of cybersecurity for enterprises, the announcement highlights that a breach in a company’s digital security affects its people, operations, legal obligations, assets, reputation, and even its network of collaborators.

Regarding the “Christmas basket”, a bevy of goods on a discount for consumers, effective from December 13, it’s reminded that INKA estimates an increase of approximately 20% compared to last year. The consumer organization, in its statement, reveals the results of a price survey indicating that this year’s Christmas table would be around 147.15 euros, compared to 119.25 euros last New Year’s Day for the same items. It emphasizes that the cost calculation does not include prices for olive oil, electricity, and lemons.