The application of AI in all facets of the private and public sphere is rapidly transforming the way citizens go about their business.
In this context, the Greek government launched its first-ever digital assistant, named “mAigov,” on Tuesday, marking a milestone in the digital transformation of public services.

The chatbot mAigov was developed using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and cloud computing technologies and aims to simplify and expedite citizens’ daily interactions with the state through the platform.

Within a few hours of its launch, the digital assistant received over 4,000 queries, making it the first chatbot in the Greek public sector and among the pioneers in Europe. It is designed to significantly contribute to citizens’ familiarity with and enhance the user experience of citizens interacting with the state’s public services.

Citizens can now engage with mAigov from both their mobile phones and PCs, submitting their queries in natural language, whether written or voice-based, allowing the digital assistant to aid them in identifying the requested service. At the end of the interaction, users have the opportunity to evaluate the application.

The chatbot is designed to guide those less familiar with technology, directing them to the appropriate channels to complete tasks or obtain specific services or documents from the public sector services. Operating anonymously, without using users’ personal data, mAigov entered the Beta (trial) phase, allowing for further improvement based on user feedback and needs.

The Beta phase was chosen because, as with all Artificial Intelligence applications, computational systems need time to “learn” and evolve based on user-inputted data. This period allows for the enhancement of the application in response to user needs and feedback. The official unveiling took place at the Maximos Mansion after an earlier presentation to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Notably, to date, 1,610 services on have been digitized, and approximately 3,270 administrative procedures of the National Registry of Administrative Procedures “MITOS” have been completed.