Local production can contribute to ensuring an adequate drug supply, reducing dependency on imports, and minimizing the risk of drug shortages during crises or global adverse conditions, as witnessed recently with the pandemic.

Regarding the Germans’ willingness to take vacations amid economic recession in their country, Mr. Dünhaupt stated that there is no reluctance and that reservations for the summer of 2024 are above the pre-pandemic levels of 2919 predicting “a good summer in 2024 in the Mediterranean and especially in Greece.”

The astonishing artifacts found in the tombs included terracotta foliage-crowned statues representing the goddess Isis-Aphrodite, while some of the Roman-era mummies were fitted with gilded and colored funeral masks, with striking golden tongues placed in the mouths of two of them.

The annual average Consumer Price Index (CPI) in 2023 was up by 3.5% in comparison to the 12 months of 2022, while the CPI increased by 9.6% comparing it with 2021.