The Prime Minister was unable to attend the opening in person due to illness as he stated addressing the audience at the Met. In his speech, Mitsotakis stressed the importance of the collaboration of the Museum of Cycladic Art and the Metropolitan Museum as it proves that the promotion of antiquity through partnership – between museums and between nations – can indeed work.

The categories who will experience a notable drop in their taxes include freelancers declaring net profits exceeding the minimum taxable income; those who have made new hires; individuals who renovated their properties; and public employees receiving additional compensation for overtime, grants, and special allowances.

This week’s top picks include Payne’s nominated for five Oscars latest film, a romantic comedy with a pair of beloved stars, a biographical drama on Ferrari and an action thriller shot in Thessaloniki

With a painful flashback to her own family’s experiences, Dr. Hall parallels her family’s struggle with suicide with that of characters from Ancient Greek tragedy. She shares how these ancient works provided her with wisdom and comfort, guiding her through the maze of guilt and grief and offering hope amid immense personal challenges.

The airport is estimated to serve around 43.7 million passengers by 2023, approaching its 50 million passenger capacity limits, with projections indicating an increase to 28.2 million passengers in 2023.