In his speech, the Prime Minister announced the return of the Special Consumption Tax (EFK) on diesel for farmers and an additional 10% discount from the Public Power Corporation (DEI) on agricultural electricity from May to September, during periods of high consumption.

The EU is planning to field a military presence, primarily naval vessels, in the Red Sea to protect shipping lanes and commercial vessels from attacks by the north Yemen-based Houthi rebels.

In a special event held today in Thessaloniki, Theodoros Skylakakis, the Minister of Environment and Energy, unveiled a comprehensive strategy aimed at alleviating the burden of electricity costs for rural communities. The minister, joined by Deputy Minister Alexandra Sdoukou, outlined five key measures devised by the government to foster affordability and sustainability in the agricultural sector.

Authorities in Athens firmly dismissed any change in national policy regarding the repatriation of culturally significant works “illegally found in foreign museums.”