Specifically, a Turkish state entity in Izmir issued a Navtex notification on Tuesday (Feb. 13, 2024) effectively rehashing an unprecedented demand for Greece – a NATO member-state – to withdraw its armed forces from its islands. The latter face the massive Asia Minor land mass and a significant Turkish military presence with offensive capabilities.

Speaking to a radio station run by the Archdiocese of Athens “Stathmos tis Ekklhisias” 89.5 on Wednesday, the head of the Orthodox Church in Greece stated: “Our country is a democratic country within the global events and forums. Indeed, the Greek people are democratic and have passed down democracy since ancient times. It would be good, therefore, in the full free expression of the Republic that envelops the Greek parliament, for this specific vote to be nominal. In this way, we both safeguard democracy and secure the interests of the Greek People, in the best possible way.”

In light of Valentine’s Day, a popular Italian travel website specializing in vacations in Greece announced a list of the five best Greek islands for marriage proposals, tailored to the preferences of Italian travelers.

A shrewd souvlaki shop owner from Crete continued a tradition he started some years ago by combining the special occasion with the global adage, “the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach” by offering a huge pita gyro “bouquet”.

Recent advancements in genetic artificial intelligence (AI) and biosciences indicate a potential acceleration in the reshaping of professional landscapes. Forecasts for the expansion of high-tech professions highlight significant variations in the pace of these transformations across different geographical regions.