According to Eurostat – the European Union’s Statistical Authority, Greeks drink beer and wine, as the production of beer in Greece reached 565.34 million liters in 2022, up from 400.22 million liters in 2021, marking a nearly 41% rise, a trend that continued in 2023.

As highlighted in the study due to the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect, urban areas tend to be warmer than their rural counterparts. Factors contributing to this phenomenon include reduced vegetation coverage, heightened absorption of solar radiation due to urban geometry and surface materials, and human activities generating additional heat.

CapsuleT, a platform dedicated to innovation in tourism, is calling upon young minds to participate in its 5th Idea Platform competition. This initiative seeks groundbreaking ideas that leverage technology to address tangible challenges within the tourism sector. Successful entrants will collaborate closely with industry experts to refine their concepts.

The prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) in Greece places it 22nd globally, but the limited number of population-wide studies places a question mark over the accuracy of these stats. Despite being a member of the European Union and considered developed, Greece falls short when it comes to providing adequate healthcare, socio-economic support, and educational services to individuals and families affected by autism.

In a 2023 survey that included five questions assessing basic financial knowledge, only half of the respondents answered correctly to at least three of the five questions.