In March, Greece witnessed a new uptick in the inflation rate, which settled at 3.4%, up from February’s 3.1%, despite the government’s implementation of measures aimed at curbing rising prices. Meanwhile, Eurostat data revealed a monthly increase of 1.8%, indicating a continuing upward trend.

The search was conducted by order of the magistrate tasked with the investigation rail collision, which claimed the lives of 57 people.

Greece’s civil servants’ federation ADEDY this week declared a 24-hour nationwide strike for Tuesday, May 21, in reaction to what it called the increasing cost of living.

Ancient drama meets modern dance and pop music blends with Greek song during the Athens Epidaurus Festival 2024, which kicks off on June 1 with some 93 productions featuring 2,500 performers from across the globe.

FM Gerapetritis will attend an event organized by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of NATO, and previous reports have noted that the two will likely have an additional bilateral discussion.