The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) is set to announce the first tender within the week for the relocation of activities from Dafni Ymittos in the urban fabric of Athens, where the former ammunition factory of PYRKAL is located, in partnership with the Hellenic Defense Systems.

The chosen contractor will reconfigure spaces at the Mandra facility, in the broader northwest region of Athens, to accommodate administrative services and mechanical production equipment from the former PYRKAL facilities. The deadline for completion is 18 months.

Following this, a second tender, possibly in the upcoming summer, will focus on dismantling equipment from Ymittos, transporting and installing it in Mandra, and transferring non-essential machines to the Lavrio facilities of the Hellenic Defense Systems, in southeastern part of the wider region of Athens.

After the PYRKAL property in Dafni-Ymittos is vacated, a tender for constructing and operating the governmental park “Andreas Lentakis” on the site is scheduled for 2025. This project will be carried out through a Public-Private Partnership.

The Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations (HCAP) plans to preserve 25 out of the 91 old industrial buildings on the PYRKAL site, renovating and protecting them while adding new structures. Existing buildings in the Urban Center will also be repurposed as museums, conference venues, and other facilities, while the remaining land will be dedicated to communal and public spaces.