Industrial production in Greece recorded a 10.3% rise in January 2024, with the production of processing manufacturers increasing by 5.4%.

According to data from Greece’s statistical authority (ELSTAT), the general index of industrial production witnessed a 10.3% increase in the first month of this year compared to the corresponding month last year, against a 0.7% increase recorded when comparing 2023 with 2022.

This is attributed primarily to changes in the indices of individual industrial sectors:

  • 34% increase in the electricity supply index.
  • 6.1% increase in the mining and quarrying index.
  • 5.4% increase in the processing index. This rise was mainly contributed by increases in the production of other non-metallic mineral products (16%), basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations (12.8%), repair and installation of machinery and equipment (11.8%), manufacture of metal products (10.3%), and construction of other transport equipment (10.1%).

2.9% decrease in the water supply index.

Meanwhile, the seasonally adjusted general index showed a 3.1% increase in January 2024 compared to the index of December 2023.