In 2025, Greece will reach a significant milestone in its education sector with the launch of its first private universities. Prestigious international institutions, including the University of Cyprus, Harvard, Columbia, and MIT, are reportedly actively scouting locations in Athens to set up their campuses.

Kosmas Theodorides, president of the European Real Estate Brokers Association, reports that foreign universities are actively seeking large, landmark buildings in Athens. According to Theodorides, the main thoroughfares that have piqued the interest of these institutions are Mesogeion, Kifisias, and Syngrou avenues.

University institutions are primarily focused on two key factors: the size of potential buildings, favoring properties with ample square footage, and the location’s accessibility.

Top priority is given to easy access, prompting representatives from private universities to seek properties near Metro stations and major transportation hubs, with proximity to Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport also featuring prominently in their criteria.

The advent of private universities is set to reshape the landscape of student housing in Greece. Market experts suggest a burgeoning new sector in real estate, long overlooked but now attracting interest from both large and small developers. Projects for student accommodations are already underway in Athens and other key cities nationwide.