The Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC) Renewables, in collaboration with the Copelouzos and Samaras Groups, has reached an agreement for the acquisition of shares in Thrakiki Wind 1 SA, a company that holds the production license for a 216 MW offshore wind park situated off the coast of the city of Alexandroupolis in the Evros regional unit in north-eastern Greece.

The planned wind park, which will be located in the sea area off Alexandroupolis, is set to become a permanent installation. The Hellenic Hydrocarbons and Energy Resources Management Company (HEREMA S.A.) has already issued an exploration license for the marine area south of the Evros Regional Unit coastline and north-northeast of Samothrace. This area is designated for the development of pilot Hydrogen-Producing and Energy Projects (HPEP) with a total capacity of up to 600 MW, aligning with the National Offshore Wind Development Program.

The development, construction, and operation of the offshore wind park will position Greece as a pioneer in the development of offshore wind energy in Southeastern Europe. Additionally, it will establish a robust domestic supply chain, bolstering the national economy, creating green job opportunities, and contributing to the acceleration of the energy transition. The agreement stipulates that PPC Renewables will become the sole shareholder of Thrakiki Wind 1.

Konstantinos Mavros, CEO of PPC Renewables, stated, “This agreement represents another strategic move for the PPC Group, a significant step toward the development of offshore wind parks in Greece, and a reaffirmation of our commitment to achieving long-term, sustainable, and socially beneficial growth. Our country, with significant potential in the renewable energy sector, requires partnerships that strengthen the local community, leverage local energy resources, and provide sustainable development.”

Ioannis Karydas, the CEO of Renewables and Energy Storage at the Copelouzos Group, highlighted the importance of the agreement, noting, “The agreement is particularly significant because the expertise and experience of DEI Renewables in developing and implementing wind parks, combined with the specialization and knowledge of the Kopelouzos Group, will expedite the development of the offshore park. This project will be among the first to be implemented in our country, creating a new market with significant energy and economic benefits.”

The agreement marks a crucial step in Greece’s journey towards achieving its renewable energy goals and underscores the collaborative efforts of major players in the energy sector.