The 23rd World LNG Summit & Awards is taking place in Athens throughout this week, with the world’s senior LNG leaders, policy-makers and traders detailing and discussing the crucial role that this energy source plays in delivering security, economic stability as well as the ongoing drive for decarbonization.

Specific sessions at a downtown Athens hotel for Wednesday include “LNG Strategy: Reshaping the Gas Landscape to Provide Energy Security and Flexibility of Supply”, “Asia-Pacific: Future LNG Demand in Asia Pacific”, “European Demand: Could Europe’s Supply Gap Herald a Positive Period for LNG?”, “The Big Debate: Will Europe Need LNG in 2050?”, “Boosting Cooperation Between Industry, Regulators, and Customers, to Manage and Drive the Energy Transition”, and finally, the closely watched topic of “Ship Owners: How Can Greek Shipping Continue to Prosper in a Less Certain Geopolitical Landscape?”

Sessions on Thursday and Friday will deal with regional energy security, decarbonization, market outlook, possible collaboration with hydrogen-ready infrastructure and finance in the sector.

The summit will conclude on Friday, with participants given a guided tour of the Revithoussa LNG terminal, which is located on the same-name islet in the Gulf of Pachi, southwest of or the port of Piraeus.