Tourists impacted by the fires on the island of Rhodes last summer were promised a free one-week vacation by Prime Minister Mitsotakis, but the value of the voucher announced by the government is much less than the market had hoped for.

Almost eight months have gone by since the original promise was made and since then the process has been plagued by delays and disagreements over exactly how to structure and implement the program.

During the process, the one-week holiday turned into a voucher carrying the value of just 300-400 euros, according to reports at

A hotelier on the island noted that the voucher covers 300 euros for six nights on the island in one to three star hotels and 400 euros for six nights in four or five star hotels, which translates into just 66.6 euros per day for six nights at a 4 to 5 star hotel.

“Such prices do not exist on Rhodes,” said the hotelier to, adding that, exceptionally, perhaps only small hotels in less prominent areas of the island will be able to join the program.

“Natural persons” need to apply for the financial assistance and must have been registered in the “Register of Beneficiaries,” which was drawn up after the fires.

The terms require tourists to stay for seven consecutive days (six nights) in a hotel on the island of Rhodes between 10/04/2024 – 31/05/2024 or 01/10/2024 – 15/11/2024. The hotel must be the same category of hotel that they stayed in during the period of the fires, and in the room type must be the same.

The voucher will be issued electronically and allows tourists to pick the accommodation providers themselves, pending the hotels are also included in what is called the Hospitality Hotels Register.

Tourists will have to use the voucher within the time mentioned above, or it cannot be used.