The execution of the state budget posted a primary surplus of approximately €3.692 billion for 2023, according to provisional data released by the Greek Ministry of National Economy and Finance. In addition, net tax revenues exceeded the target by €337 million.

Based on the provisional execution data of the state budget on a modified cash basis (January-December 2023), there is a deficit in the balance of the state budget amounting to €3.989 billion.

This is in contrast to the target for a deficit of €8.338 billion, which has been included for the corresponding period of 2023 in the explanatory report of the 2024 Budget, and a deficit of €11.656 billion for the same period in 2022.

Net tax revenues including rebates recorded an increase of €337 million for the twelve months, exceeding the set targets. This rise was mainly attributed to the revenues in November but was offset by an increase in payments by the Public Investment Program by €362 million compared to the targets.

Tax revenues amounted to €61.671 billion, an increase of €653 million or 1.1% compared to the target included in the explanatory report of the 2024 Budget.

Income returns reached €6.993 billion, exceeding the target by €316 million (€6.677 billion).

Budgetary Public Investment Program (BPI) revenues totaled €3.323 billion, a decrease of €441 million compared to the target (€3.763 billion).

The precise distribution among the categories of state budget revenues will be finalized with the issuance of the official bulletin.