Tax revenues in Greece between January 2024 and May 2024 posted a significant increase compared to the specified target, according to data of the state budget’s execution, on a modified cash basis, according to the national economy and finance ministry.

In an announcement circulated on Monday, the ministry said tax revenues reached 24.827 billion euros over the first five-month period of the year, up by 1.443 billion euros – or 6.2% – compared to the target included in the introductory report for the 2024 Budget.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated statistics report, total passenger traffic for Greek ports in 4Q 2023 posted an increase of 11.1% compared with the corresponding period of 2022. An increase of 19.1% was posted between the fourth quarter of 2022 with the same period of 2021, the Hellenic Statistical Authority (EL.STAT) also announced on Monday.