Zara is set to introduce its Zara Pre-Owned platform in Greece on December 12 2023, providing customers with the opportunity to sell and purchase second-hand Zara clothing.

Users can also benefit from services to change buttons, zippers, or mend seams on clothes purchased from Zara stores, regardless of the purchase date. Moreover, they can donate used garments, irrespective of the brand, to non-profit organizations. Furthermore, customers can request home collection of used clothing to donate to non-profit organizations.

The Pre-Owned section has already been integrated into the main menu of, with a notification signaling its launch.
The platform is categorized according to product types, offering detailed descriptions for each garment, including original Zara information and current images uploaded by the seller.
Additionally, the repair service for any used Zara clothing, regardless of the season, is now available online.
Notably, the Greek subsidiary of the Spanish multinational clothing giant, already provides repair services through its physical stores, collaborating with local professionals.

Zara’s Pre-Owned platform, operational in the United Kingdom for a year and in France since last September, forms part of Inditex’s sustainability commitments.
With the simultaneous launch of this platform in Greece and across Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Portugal, Inditex moves closer to its goal of implementing circular economy services in key markets by 2025.
Economists perceive the second-hand market as the “next big thing” in fashion, particularly appealing to Generation Z, where second-hand clothes are considered fashionable.

Global sales of second-hand apparel are predicted to grow three times faster on average than the overall clothing market, reaching $350 billion by 2027 from $211 billion this year, according to a recent ThredUp study.