Defense Minister Nikos Dendias presented a draft law on military innovation during a Cabinet meeting on Thursday. The legislation, titled “Research, Development, and Innovation in the Armed Forces,” aims to modernize the institutional framework of Supreme Military Educational Institutions and introduce crucial advancements.

According to the Ministry of National Defense, the draft law is structured into three key areas:

a. Research and innovation within the Armed Forces will be headed by the establishment of the “Greek Center for Innovation Development”. The center’s mission is to foster a defense innovation ecosystem, facilitating the development of dual-use technologies and the acquisition of innovative products for military use.

b. The modernization of Supreme Military Educational Institutions forms another critical component. The Greek Center for Innovation Development will collaborate closely with these institutions, Armed Forces Research Centers, the Ministry of National Defense, and General Staff of all three branches of the military, as well as innovation firms, defense industries, and international defense ecosystems. Funding mechanisms will also be established to support these endeavors.

c. The draft law’s third pillar introduces the creation of a Joint Information Technology Body, overseen by the Chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff. This body will be tasked with adapting to, preventing, and swiftly responding to cybersecurity challenges facing the Armed Forces. Additionally, it will focus on training personnel in cyber defense operations, software development tailored to military needs, and network management to mitigate cyber threats.

Minister Dendias emphasized the draft law’s significance, framing it as a pivotal moment aligned with the Armed Forces’ “Agenda 2030,” emphasizing the integration of innovation.

Echoing this sentiment, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis highlighted the urgent need to connect the Armed Forces with innovation, aligning them with contemporary demands, particularly in technology application and cybersecurity.